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With Apptim Trends, you are now able to compare and see the performance of each KPI (app startup time, app size, CPU usage, Memory usage, FPS) on every build over time.

Moreover, when using Apptim with your own thresholds (as explained here), you will be able to see how your KPIs compare against your own baselines.

How to get started?

After you set your own thresholds and performed at least two sessions using Apptim Desktop or Apptim CLI, you can follow the next steps:

1- Login to your Apptim account.

2- Select the sessions you want to evaluate and click on the "Compare sessions" button.

Important: We highly recommend using this option with sessions run on the same device and test case, so the app version (build) is the only variable that changes.

3- Once inside the trends page, you will be able to see in detail the KPIs for each version (build) of your application, and also how they compare to the baselines.

More details about the graphs:

  • The number of KPIs shown are based on the metrics that are evaluated in the thresholds file.

  • The dashed line labeled "warning baseline" is linked to the value you set for the "warning" key inside a specific KPI in your thresholds file.

  • Each summary card refers to a particular session and it is directly associated to a point on the X-axis of the chart.

Finally, you can download a report with all KPIs in PDF format to share with other team members by clicking in the "Generate PDF" button.

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