Measure app launching time in Android
App launching time is critical for new user onboarding and retention, so it's best to measure it on every build.
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As a standard definition, we consider the app launching time as the times it takes for the OS to make the app available to interact with, once the user touches the app's icon to open it.

There are 3 types of app launch (cold, warm & hot) which severely impact the time it takes to make an app responsive to the end user.

Android Vitals considers a bad app launching time when:

  • Cold startup takes 5 seconds or longer

  • Warm startup takes 2 seconds or longer

  • Hot startup takes 1.5 seconds or longer (⚠️ Not collected by Android Vitals)

How to measure app launching time in Apptim Desktop?

Supported on Apptim Desktop v0.6.6 or later

The only step required to measure launching time of an Android app is to choose to launch the app automatically, before starting the test in Apptim Desktop.

After Apptim launches your app, you can stop the recording and generate the session report. The app launching time, which is measured as a cold startup, can be found inside the Environment section in the Apptim report.

How to measure app launching time in CI/CD?

Apptim CLI measures startup time-taken of the app to launch plus the launching type (cold / hot / warm). This information is dumped in the startup_time.tsv file when running in CI/CD.

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