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Pre-Requisites and Installation
Pre-Requisites and Installation
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  1. Download Apptim CLI solution (win | mac | linux).

  2. A native mobile app (.ipa | .apk)

  3. A valid & enabled APPTIM_APIKEY from your Apptim Cloud account

  4. A key-pair access and secret key for AWS Device Farm (provided by Apptim).

Note: if you don't have access to Apptim CLI, contact our team at [email protected].


Unzip the apptim-cli-{platform}-{version}.zip file provided by Apptim inside any folder in your computer.

For macOS you will need an additional step to trust the binaries on the folder, by running the following command:

> sudo xattr -r -d .

Setting up your credentials

As a good practice, we strongly recommend to have credentials stored in a separate config file, instead of the test configuration yml. For this purpose, you will receive a config file with your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID predefined in a yml file.

You need to store two important secret keys on that file. The AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY and APPTIM_APIKEY. Follow the steps below to properly set up your credentials.

Note: The following steps are provided for Apptim users with AWS Device Farm access included in their license. Those users who prefer to use Apptim with their own AWS credentials, will need to contact their AWS account administrator to request the credentials to be used in step 3, as well as an AWS user with the policy detailed here: DeviceFarm Policy.

1. Getting AWS Secret Key for the first time

The Apptim team will send you a unique link that will ask for a passphrase. You need to enter your AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID in order to get your AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY. This process will work only one time, so make sure you store and keep this secret safe.

2. Getting Apptim API Key

Navigate to Apptim API Key and copy the generated key from the UI:

3. Storing your credentials

Open the .df-rc.yml hidden file located in your installation folder and copy your credentials in it. If the file does not exists, just create a new one.

This is how your credentials file should look like:

api-key: {APPTIM_APIKEY} # Paste your API Key here
access-key: {AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID} # Given by Apptim or use your own
secret-key: {AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY} # Given by Apptim or use your own
region: {AWS_REGION} # Given by Apptim or use your own
project-arn: {PROJECT_ARN_ID} # Given by Apptim or use your own

⚠️ Never store this file under SCM, even if you want to run this on CI. Instead, you can store each key in the corresponding environment variable APPTIM_APIKEY AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY. If both mechanisms are present, YML file will be used.

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