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How can I share a report from Apptim?
How can I share a report from Apptim?
⚠️ This feature is now deprecated (only available for Apptim Desktop v0.6.4 - v0.9.2)
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You can share a test report from Apptim Desktop (v0.6.4 - v0.9.2) or from your Apptim workspace.

Sharing a report from Apptim Desktop

Once you finished a session in Apptim Desktop, inside the Review Exploratory Session screen you will see the options to Open local report 🖥 and Publish to Workspace ⬆️

In order to share the report with other teammates or stakeholders, you can follow these steps:

  1. Publish the report to the workspace ⬆️

  2. Decide if you want to share a public link to the report or add teammates to the workspace, so only those who have authenticated in Apptim can access it.

When you share a public link to the report, anyone with the link will be able to see it. In this case, you just need to click on the option Share report.

After you share it, you can copy the link the public URL.

You can stop sharing the report at any time by clicking on the option Stop sharing. This will make the public link previously generated unavailable.

Important: If you don't want to make your report public, you can only share it with teammates who can access your workspace. Read more about how to use Apptim in your team. This way, only those who have an account with Apptim and are members of your workspace will have access to the information in the report.

Sharing a report from your Apptim Workspace

Log in to your Apptim account. Once you select a workspace and an app, you will access all the test sessions associated with that app, as shown below.

From here, you can share each test report individually by clicking on the Share report option on the right side of the table.

By default, all reports published to a workspace are private (unless you also share them from Apptim Desktop, as explained above). They can be shared with anyone who has access to the public URL generated when clicking on the Share report option.

Note: currently, when you share a report from an Apptim Workspace, you might still see it as private inside Apptim Desktop, unless you also share it from there. Make sure your reports are kept private by checking they are not being shared in your Apptim Workspace.

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