The fastest way to get started with Apptim is by downloading our free desktop app and running a quick test on your app, using your own Android/iOS device.

1 - First, you'll need to create a free account in Apptim, here.

Please save your email/password as you'll need it in step 4.

2 - Then, you'll be redirected to our onboarding page where you have the option to download our app for Windows or Mac. We support testing Android and iOS apps on both. You can also download the apps here.

3 - Open the downloaded file (.dmg or .zip) and follow the steps shown in the screen to complete the installation.

4 - Once the app is installed, open it and you will see a login page where you should put the email and password that you created in step 1 (hope you saved it 😅 ).

5 - The first time you open it, you will be asked to install certain Android or iOS dependencies required to collect performance data of your app.

Note: If you are going to test iOS apps only, you can skip this step for Android dependencies (and same for Android apps testing only).

Click on "Install missing dependencies" and we'll automatically take care of this for you. 😌

Note: if you see an error when installing dependencies, you can install them manually by following these steps.

6 - Once the dependencies are installed, you will be asked to select the workspace where you want to work and run tests.

By default, Apptim creates a private workspace in your free account and you can create a shared workspace when you start a free trial of our Team plan. This shared workspace, allows you to invite other teammates so they can also upload their own Apptim reports, besides other cool things. 🚀

6 - Once you select the workspace you want to work on, you are (almost) ready to run your first mobile performance test.

Now it's a good time to connect your Android/iOS device with the app you want to test using a USB cable. If this is the first time you connect this device, you will need to do some quick configurations for it to be accesible via USB debugging. Follow our guides for Android devices or iOS devices.

7 - You made it! 🥳 Once your device is connected to your computer and properly configured, go ahead and click on "Start a new test".

Happy performance testing!

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