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This article explains the steps required to start testing and profiling your iOS apps using Apptim in a Mac or Windows PC.

To run a test on iOS 16 or later, please enable developer mode as described here.

Using a Mac

Apptim can test your iOS apps without the need for installing any third-party components, as Apptim takes care of the installation of required dependencies.

Using a Windows PC

1 - Install the most recent version of iTunes.

1.1 - Open iTunes, connect your iOS device using a USB cable and click "Continue" to allow your computer to access the connected device.

1.2 - Tap "Trust" on your device to trust your computer.

If you don't see any prompt to trust your device, jump to the guide below.

Trusting device troubleshooting

Disconnect and reconnect

If you connected your iOS device while your PC was booting up, there is a chance for the "Trust this computer?" prompt to glitch out. In that case, simply disconnect and reconnect the device again. Also, it’s a good idea to do this while iTunes is actively launched.

Update iTunes

An outdated version of iTunes may cause connection issues and prevent the "Trust this computer?" prompt from showing up. Therefore, make sure that you have the most recent version of iTunes running on your PC.

To check for updates, click Help on the iTunes menu bar, and then click "Check for Updates". If you have a new update available, proceed to install it.

After installing any updates, restart your computer and relaunch iTunes. If the "Trust this computer?" message shows up on your iOS device, tap Trust. If it doesn’t show up, move to the next section.

Restart device

Restart your iOS device. Usually, this fixes any lingering issues and glitches that prevent the "Trust this computer?" pop-up from not showing.

Before restarting, make sure to disconnect the iOS device from your computer.

To restart your iPhone or iPad, press and hold the Power button until you are prompted to slide across to turn off the device.

After your device fully shuts down, press and hold the power button again to restart it.

With iTunes launched on your PC, connect your device. If the "Trust this computer?" prompt still doesn’t appear, continue to the next section.

Reset trust settings in your iOS device

1- Tap "General" on the "Settings" screen, and then tap "Reset".

2- Next, tap "Reset Location & Privacy".

3- Tap "Reset".

Reset network settings in your iOS device

1- On the "Settings" screen, tap "General", and then tap "Reset". Now, tap "Reset Network" "Settings".

2- Tap "Reset".


If you have questions when setting up your iOS device, feel free to reach out to our team for help at [email protected].

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