Filtering Events for Better Comparison
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Note: This option is only available for Apptim desktop users.

When comparing two test sessions inside your Apptim account, we recommend you to use two similar tests: same test case (i.e. Add to cart), similar test session duration, using the same device, so you remove other variables that may affect the performance results.

You can improve your comparison results by using Apptim Marks. This way, you will get more accurate results as you will be able to compare the performance of specific parts of your app by using the marks.

How to filter events in comparison

Before you compare two tests sessions, you will need to add marks to your app. Then, when you run tests on your app, you will be able to see inside the Compare Sessions page, the option to filter results by marks.

The Compare Sessions page will appear, showing you the comparison results for the entire tests sessions.

Filter results using Apptim Marks

In order to compare specific parts of your test sessions, you can choose which marks you want to use, by going to the dropdown menu in the top right side of the comparison table.

Some considerations here:

  • By default, the option selected is All session, which means that the entire test session is being compared.

  • The Clear button is disabled by default and will be enabled once the comparison has finished. You can use it to reset the results of the comparison to default values (All session).

Once you select the mark, the page will start refreshing the data. After a few seconds, the comparison results will be displayed.

Compare two test sessions using the same mark

If you have correctly enabled marks in your app, you will be able to see all the marks available by clicking on the left dropdown menu, which corresponds to the first test session selected for comparison.

Once you have chosen the mark to compare (from the left dropdown menu), you will notice that the right dropdown menu will be automatically updated to match the same mark.

If your second test session does not have a mark enabled with the same name, then the "All session" option will be selected on the right dropdown menu. For example: "User Mark" vs "All session".

Compare two test sessions using different marks

If you want to compare two test sessions using different marks, you can do it by changing the mark selection in the right dropdown menu.


If you have any questions or face any issues when comparing two test sessions by using Apptim marks, please reach out to us at [email protected].

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