Measure Power usage (energy consumption)
App energy consumption and how is it measured in Android and iOS apps
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Since battery is one of users' most appreciated resources on their phones and tablets, developers must care about power consumption and know the key factors involved with battery discharge, such as:

  • High CPU usage involves more frequency and more battery power needed.

  • Intensive image rendering with high GPU or CPU usage, sensor usage and tracking location are also relevant factors that affect power consumption.

  • In addition, when using wireless radio to transfer data, the way to do it and how often your app uses radio is critical to minimize power consumption.

How is power usage measured in Android?

The energy consumption of your app is measured based on AT&T research and public publications on ARO project. In order to analyze energy consumption, Apptim simulates the use of energy in each moment of the test according to the use of the main consumption components (render, cpu, network) in the app.

In this way, the calculation doesn't rely on the technology of the battery in the mobile device but on user actions and the simulation of the energy state of each component.

How is power usage measured in iOS?

The energy consumption data is provided by Apple Instruments.

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