Test Session Logs
Download all relevant logs from the device after running a test session with Apptim
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Apptim captures information from device resource usage and other OS logs in several .tsv files (tab separated values). These files can be opened with any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel, Numbers, etc.

The files generated contain information related to:

  • Power Usage

  • CPU

  • Memory

  • Threads

  • Network (IP address list and transfers)

For Android apps, there are specific logs related to:

  • Database logs (if using SQLite)

  • Logcat (events / main / system)

  • UI information (activities and accessibility info)

For iOS apps, there are specific logs related to:

  • Apple Instruments trace file (which can be opened with XCode to see performance trace)

  • System log (plain text file from iOS logs)

  • IPS files (which can be symbolicated by developers to get a better crash stack trace)

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