If you are using Apptim Desktop on Windows, you will need to install some Android dependencies for Apptim to be able to access your device and gather data of the app.

This process is done automatically by Apptim Desktop, after you login to the app the first time. But, if you see an error message during the installation process or if the installation doesn't finish after certain period of time, we recommend you to install the dependencies manually as described in this guide.

To install Android dependencies in Windows manually, you can follow these steps:

1) Close the Apptim app.

2) Download the zip file containing the required dependencies from here.

3) Go to this path in File Explorer: C:\Apptim\resources\app\SERVER\bin\ext

Note: If you can't find the Apptim folder in the C disk, look for it on the D or E disks.

4) Extract the zip file there, replace the folders if they already exist.

5) Open the Apptim app, it should detect the dependencies as installed and you will see the Home screen below.

If you have any issues while installing the dependencies manually or you can't see the Home screen after following these steps, please report the problem to us by following the steps detailed in this guide.

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