To use this feature, you need to have Apptim Desktop 2.0 o later.

When you run a test with Apptim Desktop, we automatically generate a test session report with all the performance data, logs, video and screenshots. This report can be published to any of your workspaces.

After you end a test session, you will see that the report is first generated locally. On the top right you will have the option to select the workspace where you want to publish your test report.

Note: You first need to select the workspace and then click on Publish.

You can change the workspace where you want to publish your reports by clicking on the workspace name, in the Review Exploratory Session screen.

Shareable reports

By default, when you publish a report to a workspace, it will be public, and you will be able to share it with anyone using the link generated.

Make a report private

Inside your Apptim Cloud account, you will see the test session listed inside the app, and you have the option to Make it private. This will make the report private, meaning, only users in the same workspace will be able to access it.

All test session reports have URL obscured by GUIDs. Please check our Security Information page for more details.

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