When you run a test with Apptim Desktop, we automatically generate a test session report with all the performance data, logs, video and screenshots. This report can be published to any of your workspaces (private or team).

You can select which workspace you want to upload your test reports, by using the menu at the top right of the the Home screen inside Apptim Desktop.

Note: Once you select your workspace and run a test, you can't change the workspace where the report can be published. Make sure you've selected the right workspace before starting a new test session.

Private reports

By default, when you publish a report to a workspace, it will be private. This means that only members of the workspace will be able to access the report.

If you wish to share a report with someone outside your workspace, you can do this by clicking on the Share option, next to the report you want to share.

All test session reports that are shared have URLs obscured by GUIDs. Please check our Security Information page for more details.

Make a report private

After you share a report, you have the option to make it private again by clicking on Stop sharing, next to the report. This will make the report private (🔒 ), meaning, only members of the workspace will be able to access it, and the public URL generated previously won't be accesible anymore.

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