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How can I access my workspaces in Apptim?
How can I access my workspaces in Apptim?
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To access your workspaces, you need to sign in to Apptim.

Workspaces view

Once logged in, you will see your private workspace and any team/shared workspace you may have with other teammates.

Inside a workspace, you will see the apps you have tested with Apptim desktop (both Android and iOS).

In order to see your test sessions in your workspace, you will need to publish the test session reports to your workspace from Apptim Desktop. Please check this guide: how to publish reports from Apptim Desktop.

Team Workspace (shared)

You can share a workspace with other team members and see all app tests run by you and your team in one place, plus use the compare session option with any tests uploaded to the workspace.

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