After you have executed your first tests with Apptim, you might want to compare the performance of two versions of your app.

You can do this inside Apptim Desktop (using your local test sessions) or in Apptim Cloud (using all the test sessions inside your workspace).

Compare test sessions in Apptim Desktop

Select the option Compare Sessions on the Home Screen.

We recommend you to use this feature, when you want to compare the performance of TWO SIMILAR TESTS, but executed on different versions of your app. To get better results, you also want to run both tests on the same device, so you remove other variables that may affect the performance results.

For example, you might want to repeat a test you did of a Login, in the new version of the app, and see if there is any big difference in the performance of that functionality.

Both tests should be similar in duration, so then, you can easily compare the graphs on CPU usage, Memory usage and Network data transfer.

Here is an example on how the performance of Login is, on two different build versions of the same app on a Google Pixel 2:

CPU Graphs: Session 1 vs Session 2

Memory Graphs: Session 1 vs Session 2

Network Graphs: Session 1 vs Session 2

Compare test sessions in Apptim Cloud

Follow these steps to compare two test sessions in Apptim Cloud:

1) Access your account, select the workspace and app you want to compare.

2) You will see a list of all the test sessions (run by you and/or other users in you workspace).

3) Select two test sessions from the list and click on Compare.

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