Crashes and ANRs
Know more about Crashes, Exceptions and ANRs (Android) in your app
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The Errors section helps users avoid hard log-diving and also understand problems when they are hard to reproduce. If an app crashes while running a test session using Apptim, it throws an exception that will be shown here.

1. Crash

An application typically crashes when it performs an operation that it’s not allowed to do by the operating system. The operating system then triggers a critical exception or signal in the application, closing it.

2. Application Not Responding or ANR (Android only)

If the app stops responding (blocking the UI in some way), it will display a dialog to the user with the option to either wait or close the app. When these dialogs appear, they're known as 'Application Not Responding' errors or ANRs. Android will display an ANR dialog when it detects one of the following conditions:

  • No response to an input event or BroadcastReceiver (such as key press or screen touch events) within 5 seconds.

  • A BroadcastReceiver hasn't finished executing within 10 seconds.

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