Test Environment
Details and specifications about the device used and app under test
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The Environment section provides details about the device and app tested, including:

  • Device specifications such as: App size, OS version, model, hardware, amount of cores, total RAM size, architecture and display information.

  • General information about the app such as version, package / bundle name, launch activity names, and specific details of each platform (for example, for Android it shows if large memory heap is enabled).

  • App Compatibility: minimum OS supported, screen sizes / densities, orientation and localization options.

Additionally, the following information is available for Android platform:

  • Permissions: explicit permissions requested by the app to the Operative System to run, such as video camera, microphone recording, localization, etc.

  • Activities: Android Activities handled inside the app during the test.

  • Receivers: Declared intents to be received by other apps / system broadcasts.

  • Services: Components of the app designed to run "in the background" without a user interface.

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