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Get and share a comprehensive bug report with video, screenshots, device logs and more that your dev team will love!
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Every time a user reports a bug during a test session with Apptim Desktop, he or she will be able to provide extra information, including a bug title and a description with steps to reproduce it. Apptim will automatically capture a screenshot of the exact moment when the user reported the bug.

In the Bug Reports section, you will find the list of all bugs reported during the entire test session. Each bug has a unique URL that is intended to be shared with the development team directly or using an issue tracker like Jira.


The screenshot is captured automatically when the user clicks on "Report Bug" during a test session.


This description of the bug is provided by the user when clicking "Report Bug" during a test session. This usually includes the steps to reproduce the issues, with the expected result and the actual result obtained.

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