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An overview of main app performance KPIs, a video of the test session and detailed graphs of each KPI
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The Summary is the most important section of Apptim reports which contains data on each performance KPI measured by Apptim. The most relevant KPIs are shown on the top, including Average CPU Usage, Average Memory Usage, Average FPS and any Errors/Exceptions captured during the test session.

Summary table

The Summary table contains a list of each metric evaluated against default thresholds set by Apptim, which are based on Google’s best practices (Android) and Apple’s best practices (iOS), along with other market benchmarks that consider device fragmentation.

Session info

The Session info contains details about the test session including the Test name, duration, start and end time of the tests, and the device used (model, OS).

Test Session Video

This video is generated at the end of the test session and it is accelerated for easier navigation. The real timestamp during the test is shown on the top left side of the video.

Main performance KPI Graphs

When scrolling down, you will find the performance KPI graphs for CPU, Memory, Threads, Render, Storage and Power Usage. Here, you will also see any marks you added to your app to measure end users response times of events or transactions.

You can see these KPIs in a single chart or in multiple charts, by using the options in the tip right side.

Besides the summary, the report contains a navigation panel on the left with the following content:

  • Environment: General information about the test environment: device information such as OS version, screen size, and hardware details. It also contains app-related information such as: version, compatibility, permissions requested, activities and libraries used*. 

  • Correctness: Contains information and checks related to the app's activities*, UI controls and layout drawing.

  • Errors: Contains crash information and ANR exceptions (when the app is not responding).

  • Bug Reports: This section is visible only when the user has reported a bug during the test session. It contains the time stamp when the bug occurred, a screenshot and a description of the issue with steps to reproduce it (provided by the tester).

  • Logs: Contains all the device logs and downloadable artifacts collected during the test.

* Available for Android only

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