Apptim can test your iOS apps without the need for installing any third-party components, but if you want to capture performance metrics of your device (CPU, render, memory, battery consumption, etc.) you will need to install XCode and download the device's symbols. 

Optional: Install XCode

1.1 - Install

To collect performance data while using Apptim, you need to have XCode installed on your Mac. You can download the latest version from the Xcode downloads page.

Note: The XCode version supported by Apptim needs to be greater than 9.4.

1.2 - Configure command line tools location of Xcode

To configure the command line tools location you have to open XCode and go to Preferences

Then, go to Locations and select Xcode in the  “Command Line Tools” section.

1.3 - Download iOS symbols for your device

In order for Apptim to recognize your iOS device, certain symbols are required. These symbols are downloaded automatically by XCode every time you connect your device via USB while the XCode Application is open.

To download symbols for your device, follow these steps:

1- Open then XCode Application with your device connected to your Mac. 

2- Open Devices & Simulators (Window → Devices & Simulators  | ⇧⌘2.)

3- Check that your device is recognized as connected:

Note: if you see the message "Development cannot be enabled while your device is locked", your Mac is not a "Trusted" computer. Please follow these steps to fix it:

  • Disconnect your iPhone (device) from your Mac.

  • On your iPhone (device) go to Settings > Reset > Reset Location & Privacy.

  • Connect your device to your Mac and answer "Trust" to the prompt.

4- Wait until the XCode debugger support process finishes. This may take up to several minutes.

Important: Every time you update the iOS version of your device, you will have to repeat this process and download new symbols to allow debugging on the device. 

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